To satisfy our clients by simplifying the law and making the law make sense


To be the counsel you endevour to keep 


Service with integrity, delivery and clarity


To satisfy our clients by simplifying the law and making the law make sense


To be the counsel you endevour to keep 


Service with integrity, delivery and clarity



Our team is in the business of providing solutions. While litigation is the core business of the Law, the firm focuses on changing the way people think about the law by implementing alternative dispute resolution mechanisms to circumvent the otherwise tedious court processes.

Insurance Law

Corporate insurance legal issues require the dedicated services of experts. Our team provides legal advice to various insurers and their customers on all aspects within the insurance industry.

Immigration Law

We offer legal services and advice on various immigration issues including, but not limited to; work permits, business permits, visas, temporary residence in categories such as study, business or work. We also represent clients charged with offences against Kenyan immigration laws.

Litigation & Dispute Resolution

Our team takes pride in successfully advising and representing clients, both individual and corporates alike, on risk and conflict management. We also identify potentially litigious areas and provide solutions to the same.

Commercial & Corporate Law

Our team offers advice to a wide range of clients on the intricacies of setting up business under Kenyan jurisdiction, as well as the legal ramifications of all peripheral issues involved in the process. Our clientele includes proprietorships, small & large scale entrepreneurs, multinationals (MNE’s) and various international companies. Our services in this field include the drafting of various types of agreements, such as distributorship agreements, franchise agreements, construction agreements & joint venture agreements among others.

Construction Law

Construction forms an integral part of the economy and development of most countries and Kenya is no exception. The number of construction projects have increased substantially in Africa over the last decade and Kenya in particular has witnessed a phenomenal construction boom. As a consequence, there has been a significant rise in the numbers of claims either between contractors and owners/employers or between contractors and sub-contractors. Our team focuses on resolving such disputes with minimum interruption on the performance of each party’s contractual obligations.

Real Estate

Real Estate is arguably the most successful business area in Kenya. As a full-service firm with knowledge & experience practicing in many of the real estate law, our team is adequately equipped with the knowledge and expertise to pin point problems and swiftly recommend solutions. Our expertise in this area of the law provides clients with updates on all related real estate issues, including writing legal opinions, drafting of mortgage financing agreements, issuing legal notices and other related services.

Employment Law

Our team understands that the core existence of any business, and the economy at large, is the aspect of human resource. We therefore take the liberty to draw various engagement contracts that not only limits conflicts but also builds employee satisfaction for our clients to realise the most output from their satisfied employees. We also mitigate to solve a variety of labour disputes ranging from redundancies, unfair dismissal, equal employment, employee harassment and unfair remuneration practice among others.

Environmental Law

With numerous constructions going around in the region, the environment is bound to be violated. Our team is well conversant with the legal regimes that encourage infrastructural development while also encouraging the protection of the environment. We offer legal advice that covers environmental due diligence compliance, management and liability to the environmental aspects of corporate and commercial transactions.

Regulation Advisory & Compliance

While offering legal advice to our clients, our team gives tailor-made expert opinion elaborating and simplifying legal huddles to ensure that our clients operate within the law. We therefore strive to secure our clients' business interests by making the law simple and understandable to suit our clients' business objectives.

Public Private Partnerships

Pursuant to the blueprint of Kenya’s Vision 2030, the Government of Kenya has committed to infrastructural development by implementing the Public Private Partnership Act (2013) whilst relying heavily on PPP arrangements to achieve that goal. Our team of experts is committed and well equipped to guide investors through the legal paperwork that is needed in this process.

About Us

SED LEGAL LLP is a new solutions provider based in Nairobi with a regional reach. Our team is comprised of dynamic, young, fun, vibrant and innovative professionals who thrive in out of the box legal solutions. We have a passion for the law and for our clients.

Our aim is to provide quality and reliable legal and allied services buoyed by a culture of harmony and friendliness. We see our clients as our partners and aim to work together to fulfill and exceed both their, and our vision.

Our team has the skills and expertise to enable the issuance of wholesome solutions. Our partners have a combined 15 years of legal experience and are always striving to further widen their knowledge for the benefit of our clients.

Our expertise ranges from, but is not limited, to corporate commercial law, litigation and conveyancing with the benefit of a wealth of experience and knowledge together with innovative thinking to ensure your interests are well safeguarded in any transaction or matter.

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